Water Leak Detection

Water Leak DetectionAllkare provide a Nationwide Water Leak Detection Service from our Network with Branches from Inverness to Kent.

Water leakage can happen any time and in any place around your home or workplace and a quick response is vital to prevent further damage to your property. If you have Trace and Access on your Insurance policy it means that we can carry out any Leak Detection and invoice your Insurance Company direct. This is a very important point to consider as it is not unusual for, what appears to be a minor water leak to cost many thousands of pounds, here is an example why:

A common leak found is usually in the concrete floor in the kitchen. On top of the floor could be ceramic tiles, our leak detection system can quickly identify the source but the biggest expense is accessing this and then carrying out a repair to the leaking pipe. In this example we would need to break through the ceramic tiles, dig down to the leak, repair the leak, fill in the hole in the concrete, dry out the concrete and then retile the kitchen floor, this could cost you several thousand pounds and generally is the most costly part of any Water Leak Detection.

As a company we can do the following:

  • Find the leak using a thermal camera or any of our water leak detection systems
  • Repair the leak which may involve any “dig down” to get access to the pipe
  • Dry out any water damaged areas
  • Carry out a full re-instatement repair servicenormal-thermal2

    How a Thermal Camera Works For Finding A Water Leak

    These cameras work by capturing the infrared radiation given off by different areas of your house based on how hot or cold they are – this type of heat radiation isn’t visible to the human eye but can be captured in colour by this type of camera. For example, the heat given off by your central heating pipes will clearly show on the screen of a thermal camera. A leak will appear as a large red area and we can measure this down to just inches even through concrete.

    From a leak detection point of view thermal cameras come in handy for a few reasons:

    • Firstly if we’re trying to locate a pipe behind a wall or in a concrete floor a thermal imaging camera can help us find the exact location
    • Saves unnecessary dig downs
    • Save money as you will not need to call out a plumber. In our experience a plumber is usually not trained to use a thermal camera or have any Water Leak Detection Systems so therefore is not able to find a leak.

    Local Plumber

    In our experience a local plumber generally will not have the required Water Leak Detection Systems to find a leak. The investment in the technology to provide a full service can run to many thousands of pounds so we would always recommend a specialist Leak Detection Company to find any water leaks you may have in your central heating systems.

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